360-Grad-Scan das ganze Haus

Using some sophisti­ca­ted 360 degree scan­ning devices, a team of two stu­dents from the Bau­haus Uni­ver­sity scan­ned the entire buil­ding from the base­ment to the attic. This data will help assist us to make plans for the reno­va­tion but it also pro­vi­des very high-reso­lu­tion images of the house in 2013. This data can be visua­li­zed and mani­pu­la­ted in various ways, for exam­ple we can use 3D soft­ware to do fly-thru’s of the image data.

This mate­rial is available to archi­tects and engi­neer part­ners as well as artists who may find this data inte­res­t­ing mate­rial to work with.

Thanks a lot to Alex­an­der Scharn­horst and Jason Tosic for their effort!